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Why To Wear Compression Pants For Running?


A few years ago, many runners’ gear was just a short-sleeved T-shirt plus sports shorts/trousers, and most of them looked “floppy”. Now, in the playground, on the street, on the marathon track, etc., we can see that the gear on the runners has become more and more “tight”. What kind of impact will these cool-looking tights (compression) have on running? Why wear compression pants for running?


Reduce Leg Shaking During Running

Many people’s first impression of compression pants is “very tight and harder to put on” because of the high content of spandex. It can not only compress and support muscles, but also help fix muscles and joints during exercise.

During running, the fat jitter caused by the larger motion range can easily cause damage to body tissues, joints, etc., and may cause injuries to the knees and other joints in the long run. The compression equipment can just reduce the jitter during running.

On the other hand, it can help reduce the jitter of the leg muscles and relieve fatigue.

You can think of your leg muscles as a football team whose only goal is to score goals. If some members of the team run aimlessly on the field, then it is obviously not easy to achieve this goal.

Compression pants allow your muscles to focus only on the “current task”-running, which will make you run more efficiently, run farther, and last longer.


Keep Warm

We all know that the car needs to be warmed up before driving in winter to ensure the normal start of the engine, and an engine that is too cold can easily cause a stall. For the same reason, we usually warm up before running, and we must avoid loss of temperature during the entire running process.

Compression pants can help you keep your legs warm during running. Compression pants and a pair of trousers can cope with most cold weather in winter, without the need for three layers inside and outside.

In addition, compression pants can quickly drain the sweat on the surface of the skin, keeping the skin during exercise in a relatively dry state.


Speed Up Recovery

Compression pants will use gradient compression, that is, the farther away from the heart, the stronger the compression, which can accelerate blood circulation and accelerate the speed of oxygen delivery to the sports muscles.

Better blood circulation on the one hand helps to increase athletic performance during exercise, and on the other hand, it helps to remove certain muscle metabolites (pH, H +, lactic acid and K +) related to reduced athletic performance.

It may be difficult for someone to understand. Here you can imagine your leg as a toothpaste tube. The effect of compression pants is equivalent to squeezing the toothpaste tube. The extra squeezing force will make the blood, lactic acid, etc. in your legs move faster.

If you still feel more sore after running, you can still wear compression pants during the rest time to speed up the recovery.


Protect Skin

In hot weather, compression pants can protect you from direct sunlight. For example, 2XU’s ICE-X series can inhibit the penetration of infrared rays, play a role in sun protection and reduce heat absorption.

In addition, if you accidentally fall during running, long compression pants can also help reduce the appearance of bruises.

For runners, we can see that tight (compression) pants can play a greater role. If you are still wearing “loose” when you are running, why not try to wear “tighter”?

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