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What Is Water Soft Cotton T-Shirt? 4 Recommended Water Soft Cotton T-Shirts


What is water soft cotton? How about water soft cotton T-shirt? What are the advantages of water soft cotton T-shirt? There is a material with a higher cotton content than pure cotton, which is water soft cotton, but there are not many water soft cotton T-shirts on the market.

What Is Water Soft Cotton?


Once, in the eyes of picky European and American brand clothing merchants, there are only two kinds of good cotton, one is Egyptian long staple cotton and the other is American Pima cotton. Their cotton has good quality, good water absorption and comfortable feel.


However, with the emergence of water soft cotton in recent years, it has broken the long-term tranquility of the cotton world.


After touching the water soft cotton, picky European and American clothing dealers are all impressed by its softness, smoothness and elasticity, as well as its comfortable and super good hand feel.

How To Make Such Good Water Soft Cotton?


Water soft cotton is a specially treated cotton material. In addition to better water absorption and air permeability, it can also prevent fluffing and improve the drape and softness of the cotton.


Production principle: The cotton material is processed by enzymes, the fiber becomes porous and loose, the yarn is softer and fluffy, and the fluff on the surface is removed to achieve a smooth surface, which improves the drape, softness and comfort of the cotton material. At the same time, it can also prevent the cotton from pilling and fluffing. Combined with the lasting elasticity and dimensional stability of the super soft treated fabric in the later stage, it has the “soft” characteristics like water.

The water soft cotton currently on the market is made of Xinjiang long-staple cotton. After the water soft cotton is processed to make the fabric soft like water, it becomes more delicate and smooth on the basis of the original touch, without sticking and pilling, deformation and fading. The key is to wear light and breathable, absorb sweat and not sultry. You may feel sticky when wearing clothes in hot summer, but soft cotton T-shirts are breathable and absorb sweat.


What Are The Advantages Of Water Soft Cotton?


1: Softer, good hand feeling


Water soft cotton is a kind of cotton. The reason why water soft cotton is softer is that the yarn of long-staple cotton has been treated with enzymes to make the fibers in the cotton loose and porous, making it fluffy and soft, and its softness is better than ordinary pure cotton fabrics.


2: Smooth, good anti-pilling effect


The special process removes the fluff on the surface and achieves a smooth surface. Therefore, the water soft cotton is smoother and hardly ball and fluff.

3: Good drape and water absorption function, anti-wrinkle, longer elasticity


The super soft treated fabric has long-lasting elasticity and dimensional stability. In addition to maintaining the advantages of cotton, it can be worn on our body while maintaining the verticality of the fabric and without wrinkles. This fabric has good water absorption and sweat absorption at the same time.


High Quality Water Soft Cotton T-Shirt Review & Recommendation


  1. Tokyo made water soft cotton T-shirt (white)

Comfort: 5 star

Breathability: 5 star

The size recommended by the customer service is quite accurate, and it will be more textured than ordinary short sleeves. I usually run and play, I don’t feel very muggy at all. In addition, it is very convenient to wash at ordinary times. Just throw it into the washing machine. It won’t be difficult to wash it if it’s a little dirty. There are many cotton t-shirts that are really difficult to clean. If they are a little dirty, they can’t be washed off at all. And it will be particularly easy to turn yellow!


In addition, the style, layout and cutting are more suitable for me. They look very good and are very versatile. The design between them is particularly easy to match, and the whole person is particularly stylish! Because the style is relatively simple, there will be no mistake in matching. It is recommended that you buy two or three pieces to replace them. And there are discounts recently. It’s also very cost-effective to buy. You can start with two pieces and get coupons.

For example, I bought a T-shirt at 799 RMB some time ago. Unexpectedly, the black collar became red after wearing it for less than a month. And there are a lot of threads at the neckline, which is really intolerable. I’m really sad to be able to buy such a T-shirt at the price of 799 RMB. Seriously, T-shirts are consumables. The price must not be too expensive, but they should be comfortable at the same time.


Jingdong T-shirts are very good. You can start with complete confidence. The water soft cotton material not only looks particularly shiny, but also is much more comfortable to wear than ordinary cotton t-shirts. The feeling of wearing on the body is still very close to the skin, absorbing sweat and breathable.


  1. Thumb white smallwatersoft cotton T-shirt

This T-shirt is still a little expensive for me. After all, it exceeds a lot of budget. There is no difference in other materials. The cotton content is exactly the same as that made in Jingdong, but the price is really much higher than it. If the budget is sufficient and I like this style, it is also a good choice.

Comfort: 4 star

Breathability: 5 star

  1. VANCL water soft cotton T-shirt

The cotton content of this kind of clothes should be lower. It’s comfortable to wear as a whole. Because I have high requirements for clothes, it’s a little thick, a little muggy and a little thick. But the good thing is that the price is cheap.

Comfort: 5 star

Breathability: 3 star

  1. Mark Fairwhale white T-shirt

The size is relatively small. It is recommended to try a larger size. This length is a little awkward and will appear hip wide, but there is no problem in terms of the overall comfort. If your body proportion is good, you don’t need to consider this at all. As long as you pay attention to the matching, the overall wearing effect is still good, and it is also worth buying. After all, the price is not expensive!

Comfort: 5 star

Breathability: 4 star

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