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7 Sportswear Wholesale Markets Hidden In Guangzhou To Help You Earn More Money


The most taboo in selling clothes is to get clothes with high price and poor quality. Now there are a lot of popular sportswear recommended on Chinese small red books. For example, when it comes to Li Jiaqi, he is really a person with a sense of existence that women love and hate. Generally speaking, he recommends lipstick air cushion, which is popular one by one. So now there are many well-known bloggers who are also launching a variety of products, but if you want to run wechat business or open a store, you can’t get the goods from them. The problem is, where do the goods come from?

There should be 30 in Guangzhou clothing market. Now let me briefly say a few expensive and inexpensive ones.

1、 Baima Clothing Market

It is well-known and ranks first in clothing wholesale. The price is high, the style is biased towards mature clothes, and there are many fashion styles. Many domestic brands (Gedi) started here, so it’s right to find high-quality women’s clothes. Among them, the women’s clothes on the first, fourth and fifth floors are of good style and quality, and the styles are also exquisite and fashionable. Most of them are manufacturers engaged in office buildings and wholesale. The clothes on second and third floors are mainly produced by some small workshops, and the style quality can not be guaranteed. There is also the “Xixiao shopping mall” under the ground of baiba, which mainly makes women’s pants. The grade is much lower, the style is old-fashioned, and the sales volume is large. The sixth floor is mainly medium and high-grade men’s clothing, and the roof garden on the seventh floor is made into the warehouse.

2、 Red Cotton Clothing City

Girls’ wear has medium and high price. The women’s wear styles in Korea and Japan are more avant-garde and fashionable. Those who specialize in women’s wear and fast fashion must go shopping here. The quality is average. It depends on your vision.

3、 Tianma

Tianma has superior geographical conditions, but it is not doing well, and the price is also very expensive. The first, second and third floors are degrade to retail, and it is very popular with more retail customers than wholesale customers. However, there are many office buildings of garment manufacturers from the fourth floor to the seventh floor, but most of them do not do wholesale and are only used to receive provincial agents of manufacturers. So it is generally unnecessary to go there.

4、 Liuhua Wholesale Market

Opposite the white horse side are vendors who mainly make low-grade small shirts and T-shirts.

5、 Recreation Jeans City

They are all the general agents of jeans manufacturers. The main source of goods comes from Dayong and specializes in big wholesale buyers. Therefore, generally, they will not pay much attention to you if you don’t buy wholesale, unless you have big payments.


Like a big market, it’s full of high-end goods, and the price of jeans is very low. The legendary jeans of 10 yuan are here. The style is ordinary and the quantity is large. It is a good place to deal with warehouse goods. Want to go for a walk?

Zhongshan Balu Children’s Clothing Wholesale Market: This is a professional wholesale children’s clothing market, all middle and low-end children’s clothing can be found here, so children’s clothing dealers go to this place to shop.


White horse is not far away from Renmin South Road. There are many styles here. The styles are dazzling. The styles are updated quickly. Because the styles are new, avant-garde and the price is low, many small shops here have the best choice to take goods. There are also Shisanhang. However, Guangzhou is still the earliest port trade place in China. The clothes trade history here is much earlier than white horse.

It’s expensive to pick up goods from the above places, and most of them are market goods. Let me introduce some cheap wholesale markets, that is, tailed goods.

What are we worried about when shopping online? I spent money and couldn’t buy good goods. I looked at the style I liked for a long time, but the quality was not as good as I thought. I felt disappointed. Many dealers would go to buy the tailed goods.

What Is Tailed Goods?

In fact, the tailed goods are not necessarily the goods of poor quality, but the goods with a little defect. Many foreign trade wholesale blank fitness apparel orders are left behind, but the quality can be guaranteed. It is a brand-name product. A little defect is suitable for domestic sales and the price is cheap. The quality is good. It does not affect the wear and match, and it is very cost-effective, so don’t be in a state of dislike for the tailed goods. Now many people still like to go to the foreign trade store to buy the goods to see if there is any tailed goods left.

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