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Three Tips For Clothing Brand Logo Design


With the development of Internet e-commerce and selling goods through livestreaming, the threshold for creating a clothing brand is getting lower and lower. If you plan to own a clothing brand, you cannot do without logo planning. You can purchase wholesale unbranded gym clothing and print your logo on. Today, I will share with you the suggestions of clothing brand logo planning. I hope that they can give you some inspiration when planning the logo.


Common Elements Of Clothing Brand Logo Design


First, we collected dozens of examples of clothing brand logos. From this picture, we can have a general perception of clothing brand logo planning.

  1. Noun elements/meaning general elements in the brand title

The first three logos incorporated animal elements into the brand name when they were named. Hubao means tiger and leopard. TIGER in TIGER OF SWEDEN has tigers, and GALAMB means pigeons in Hungary. At this time, we only need to express animal elements.


The animal separation in the last three logos represents the characteristics of the company. The dude’s rabbit represents vigorous energy, and the bow tie represents wealth and status; the unicorn represents nobility, mystery, and rarity; Armani’s logo is one on the right Look at the eagle, the eagle symbolizes the highest quality, excellence and craftsmanship of the brand;

  1. The first letter/abbreviation in the brand name

Logos using initials or English abbreviations are often more concise and eye-catching, easy to spread, so that people can see and remember it at a glance;

  1. Tools in industry elements (scissors/needles)

The use of tailoring scissors and needlework can better express the energy of the craftsman of the enterprise, the eternal pursuit and persistence of the industry, and give consumers a feeling of value for money in private customization;

  1. Products in industry elements (bow ties/ties)

The product is the most present element in this collection, because it has characteristics that distinguish it from others in the clothing itself. For example, the back of the big dress is a dovetail shape with two slits and a strapless dress; or in the adjustment of clothing, such as western-made handkerchiefs/pins, we only need to extract and show its features, and we need to pay attention to the simplicity of the elements with common features;

Commonly Used Expression Methods Of Clothing Brand Logo Design


Positive And Negative

Investigate the internal curves of elements when using positive and negative shapes, and be able to treat other elements as negative shapes that overlap the edges of the internal curves.

Direct Performance

When making a logo with a single element that fits the characteristics of the company, direct presentation is a good choice, but you need to pay attention to the fact that the logo must have common features to reduce the possibility of crashes;


After expressing the elements directly, you should stop and investigate the logo you are making to see if it is too common or there are problems in the shape. The logo shown in the picture above is cut with text to make it more distinctive and broken. The original shape is impenetrable;


Put a variety of elements in an orderly arrangement to form a full logo, try not to have too much white space in the placement of elements, and find the complementary relationship of the elements.

Color Allocation Of Clothing Brand Logo Design


In the colors, black is the majority, and the colors with low overall saturation are more.



The black mystery is eye-catching, calm and restrained, natural and classic; at the same time, black can look more brave and handsome in front of the camera;


Blue used to be a very rare color; because it is rare, the price of this color pigment will be very expensive, and because it is very expensive, it is always used in some more important images; it is eternal symbol, clean and simple, and dark blue has a deep temperament;


The golden color is rich, noble and elegant, suitable for some more solemn occasions.


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