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Are Compression Shorts Bad For You? Does It Affect Male Genital Health?


Are compression shorts bad for you? Does wearing compression shorts affect male genital health? What are the factors affecting men’s fertility?

To find out whether wearing compression shorts will affect male genital health, we first need to know what factors affect male genital health.

A study in the Human Reproduction Special Issue of Oxford College pointed out that testicular temperature is highly correlated with scrotal temperature. Wearing tight-fitting underwear will cause the scrotum temperature to become too high, which will lead to an increase in testicular temperature. An increase in testicular temperature will have a certain impact on the quality of sperm. It is concluded that wearing tight underwear for a long time will affect the quality of sperm.

Factors Affecting Reproductive Health

Common bad habits that can affect male reproductive health include: wearing tight underwear or jeans all year round, smoking, drinking alcohol, risk factors in work and living places (radiation, chemicals, electromagnetic waves, etc.), taking certain drugs that damage sperm motility (Chemotherapy drugs, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, etc.), excessive stress and blood transport problems.

The reason why panties or jeans that are too tight in the crotch will affect fertility is because of “temperature.”

Tight underwear or jeans tightly bind the scrotum and testicles, which will make the scrotum close to the abdominal wall, limit the adjustment ability of the scrotum, reduce local heat dissipation, increase the temperature of the testicles, hinder sperm production, and damage sperm production in the long run. Finally, it may cause infertility. (Remember to choose a little looser when buying underwear in the future).

Generally speaking, it is necessary to maintain the normal physiological functions of the testis, and the temperature is generally best maintained within the range of 35ºC~36ºC.

Spermiogenesis, especially the differentiation and maturation of spermatocytes and sperm cells, is related to temperature and requires a temperature that is at least 1-2°C lower than the core body temperature. When the testicular temperature is slightly lower than the core body temperature, sperm production will be enhanced.

Does Wearing Compression Shorts Affect Male Genital Health?

Are compression shorts bad for you? I have summarized several factors and whether custom compression clothing will affect the health of the genitals: the package is too tight, the fabric is poorly breathable, and it is worn all year round.

The Package Is Too Tight

Compression shorts are mainly aimed at the stressed muscles in the thighs and calves. The gradient compression of compression shorts gradually decreases from bottom to top, and the crotch position of the front panel is relatively normal and comfortable. The design of the front part also uses smooth stitching and an adjustable drawstring waistband to make you feel more comfortable and not tight.

Poor Fabric Breathability

In addition to the tightness of the package, the breathability of the fabric also has a certain effect and influence on the temperature of the “private part”. Obviously, the stronger the air permeability, the more beneficial the “private part”. The use of quick-drying breathable fabrics coupled with IR thermal resistance reduces heat absorption and keeps the crotch comfortable without causing strangulation or compression.are compression shorts bad for you

Wear All Year Round

As male users, we often wear compression shorts or leggings during short-term exercise, that is to say, we are not wearing long-term wear like jeans and underwear.

According to the 6-hour closing time of most marathons, running 10-20 times in a year is 60-120 hours. Calculated based on 24 hours a day, it is 2.5 days to 5 days.

Counting the daily training time and the wear during recovery, if you wear compression shorts training + recovery 3 times a week, 2 hours each time, that year is 288 hours, which is converted into days: 12 days.

The two add up to 14.5-17 days/year. Under this time ratio, it is not a habit to wear all year round.

After the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that wearing tight underwear will cause the temperature of the scrotum to be too high, which will lead to an increase in the temperature of the testicles. Wearing for a long time will affect sperm quality. Wearing high-quality and qualified compression shorts does not actually cause harm to male genitals. Additionally, please exercise moderately, do not sit for a long time, and develop good exercise habits, which are good for your body.

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